Jeffy LouieCome along and ride on my funky SEO Expedition!

Hi their folks, my name is Jeff Louie and I am just getting into the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  I am a student at California State University of San Jose majoring in Computer Science and Engineering.  I decided that I wanted to learn a bit more about how search engines really work and how to optimize my website’s search rankings.   Being someone who really likes to try and figure out how things work I am pretty comfortable trying to analyze algorithms and do testing to see what does and does not work in the world of SEO.

I have been learning web design technologies for quite a while.  I have become pretty good with developing in PHP, jquery, java script, and lately some of the interesting variants such as ReactJS and AngularJS.  All I can say is that things are definitely getting pretty crazy in terms of what can be done on the web now days.  I leanred a little while back that even though I can build some pretty cool stuff, it does me no good if nobody can find my websites.  This got me into the wonderful world of SEO and how I came up with this tutorial site.

You might be wondering why I chose to use WordPress if I am such an awesome developer, truth be told a majority of websites running today use WordPress as the foundation.  I am learning how to build plugins and eventually themes for WordPress as I think I could come up with some cool things other people might enjoy.  For now this site will run on WordPress but when I decide to build my own content management system, I will probably switch to my own killer web software.

Anyhow, I have read a ton on how different search engines seem to work and all I can say is their are some genius people out their.  Search engines are able to change their results algorithms almost instantaneously; however most search engine providers tend to roll updates out slowly so as not to completely break their results should a change not go properly.  The search results algorithms are shrouded in secrecy and only the top brass at any search engine company really knows what the spiders who crawl our sites are looking for.

Once upon a time, in a dark and scary place, it used to be simple to manipulate search rankings using black hat SEO techniques such as spamming and keyword stuffing.  Luckily for most of us, the search engines have gotten smarter and different changes have gone into place to make those techniques penalize those who put them into play.  I would say Google is probably king of the search results and they are now working on artificial intelligence algorithms that learn as if it were human as to what results they should display.

Things are always going to be changing in this crazy SEO expedition, but fear not as I am going to guide you through the trials and tribulations we might face.  Everything I talk about will have been tried and tested by me prior to ever being published.  I am going to cover topics from Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, Pay Per Click marketing, and building a Social Media presence online.  I hope you stick with me through this challenging and fun expedition of Search Engine Optimization!